How SeaDocs can help you?

We want to make seafarers life better and easier by taking away the struggle they face developing career at sea and make a change in a maritime transport industry.

If you’re a seamen – start by taking small steps: download SeaDocs Manager to your Android phone, start adding your certificates, sea service, seamen’s books and all kind of documents related to your sea career.¬†You’ll see that SeaDocs Manager can save you a lot of time, so you can spend it with family, friends or do things that you really like. And let us know what you think!

If you represent a Maritime Training Company or a Manning Agency, we’d like to ease your job too. So check out our dedicated solutions combined with SeaDocs Manager.

Say hello to Our Captain

The originator of SeaDocs Manager is Maciej. Spending more then 12 years working at sea and having more then 45 sea documents (certificates, diplomas, seamen’s books, health certificates, etc), he faced the problem of managing all of the documents, remembering different expiry dates and help to deal with finding and booking courses and trainings. Same problem¬† And that probably sounds familiar to you too. And that’s how the idea of SeaDocs Manager came to life.


Maciek is a graduate of Navigation at Maritime University in Szczecin and a Captain, working on Seismic for one of the worlds’ biggest oilfield companies. During his 12 year career, he has met hundreds of people working at sea, so can see clearly maritime industry needs and improvements to be made.

Check out how our Captain solves his sea documents problems!

Meet our team


Business owner and entreprenuer with more then 10 years of experience. She is responsible for SeaDocs Manager marketing and creating new business opportunities.


Lead developer with more then 10 years of experience. He received a distinction from the President of Poland for one of his projects.


Lead graphic designer, inspired traveler and a cat lover. She creates user friendly interfaces and eye-catching designs.

Maritime Cloud Solution!

SeaDocs Manager is a first step of more complex Seamen Cloud solution that will consist of SEAMEN COURSES – a web platform for maritime training providers to get them access to a tool that helps them manage all the trainings and a market place (SeaDocs Manger users) to offer courses when they are they are needed. Further step for us is to build a platform JOBS4SEAMEN (combined with SeaDcos Manager) that will help seamen get a great sea career and manning agencies to get access to valuable employees. With all of it up and running – you receive a comprehensive and cloud-based solution for Seaferers, Maritime Training Providers, Manning Agencies and Maritime Authorities.

Start with SeaDocs!

Want to manage your sea docs straight from your phone? Download SeaDocs Manager and start saving your time for better things!